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What is eDNA Test?

The eDNA Test goes belong a simple personality assessment.
It delivers accurate results regarding a person's strengths, skills, and potential job/career fit. By analyzing the brain's unique qualities, eDNA offers valuable insights into individual talents and capabilities, enabling a better understanding of areas of professional excellence and potential for growth.

The Report Includes 16 results:

Uncover the Affinity between You and Your Company

The Corporate eDNA is a distinctive numeric pattern that accurately reflects the "behavior" and "personality" of an organization, as if it were a person. With this valuable insight, a company can discover the affinity shared between itself and its employees, as well as how their employees or new applicants align with a role and team members.

With these insights, your company can:

Corporate eDNA is a powerful tool for fostering professional development and job satisfaction.

OUR JOURNEY: A path of success and recognition

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